Ruxcon Training

09 Sep, 2012

Ruxcon Training provides a unique opportunity to receive specialist security training usually not available in Australia. Our instructors are considered to be leading experts in their given security fields and have prior experience training students. There are still a few seats left in all courses.

MDSec’s Web Application Hacker’s Handbook (Penetration Testing)

If you are currently preparing for or looking into the CREST exam, then you might want to consider the training course 'MDSec's Web Application Hacker's Handbook'. This training course has been delivered to over 30% of the CREST member companies in the UK and is delivered to you by one of the authors behind the 'Web Application Hacker's Handbook', considered by many to be the bible on Web Application Penetration Testing.

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Digital Intelligence Gathering Using Maltego (Open Source Intelligence)

The IT Security, Law Enforcement, and intelligence community love Maltego - whether it be mapping a target's infrastructure or profiling a person's sphere, Maltego is one of the best tools available for open source intelligence gathering and forensics. Maltego allows you to determine real-world links between people, groups, companies, web sites, internet infrastructure, document and files, and much more. This is a 2 day hands-on course packed with practical exercises using real world data, giving participants real world experience with the tool whilst being trained by the very people that developed the tool. Bring your overalls and expect to get your hands dirty!

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Shellcode Lab (Exploit Development)

Students will learn how to write shellcode for Linux, Mac 64-bit OSX and Windows. The development of the shellcode is presented using easy to learn techniques. Starting off with an introduction to different shellcoding techniques on each platform, an introduction to basic memory management and assembly, followed by creating simple shellcode to write to stdout and call functions. Students are taught how to encode their shellcode using the Metasploit Exploit Framework (MSF), and insert it into exploits that will be used to show that their shellcode was successfully executed.

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